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Xiao Shanming
Name 孝山明
孝 - filial
山 - mountain
明 - bright
Codename Bright
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthdate June 4th, 1953
Age 57 years
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Corporal A-9 Commander
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Xiao Shanming (孝山明), codename "Bright", is the commander of the famous Corporal A-9 group of gurus.


He wears glasses.


He has a very good long-term memory.

Xiao Shanming also has good relationships with anyone and is admired by most in the department.


Xiao Shanming used to be an artist.



Xiang Wenzhou
Main article: Xiang Wenzhou
When Xiang Wenzhou entered the police force at age 24, she immediately became Xiao Shanming's best student and was assigned to work privately as a consultant. Due to her intelligence and ability to deduct problems, Xiao Shanming planned for her to work under Lu Xingguang's team after graduation. However, Xiang Wenzhou left the police force due to the incident five years ago and has since never appeared until she came back to track the incident's truth.
Cheng Jinghao
Main article: Cheng Jinghao
Cheng Jinghao is known to have skipped from training right to Xiao Shanming's class. When Cheng Jinghao joined the police force, the A-9 guru group was only just developing, so he became the first student in the group. At first, Xiao Shanming was unaware of Cheng Jinghao's abilities and was skeptical of the police chief's recommendation, yet he came to recognize Cheng Jinghao as his student. Cheng Jinghao later formally left the police force and started his own group of three.




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