Xiang Wenzhou (项文州)Xiàng Wénzhōu, codename "Jo", is the protagonist of Police Reverence. She is a guru or group leader of the Guru Group.


Xiang Wenzhou is portrayed to be tall with thin, long legs. She is always seen wearing her police uniform with her number pad on her left shoulder. Her uniform is black and white along with professional black pants, but she chooses to wear black skinny jeans.


Wenzhou is not a person who expresses herself easily, but one thing everybody knows is that she is super unrealistic and always chooses to work independently. She leaves her team behind and tries to solve all the problems by herself and would even go to extremes to change the information through word of mouth. She never seeks for advice and is extremely prideful of her deductive abilities.

She is also very voluntary and competitive as she will put herself at risk in dangerous missions and cases. Because she has a poison tongue and tends to talk in nonsense, the people she interacts with usually becomes offended. She has no stable relationship with anyone, even including her two main friends, from her lack of communication. Her fear of losing becomes more clear with Lai Shugao's presence.


Before the start of the series, it is known that Wenzhou worked in the police force after getting her Master's degree. However, this was her officially joining the police force as she worked privately under Xiao Shanming's name as a consultant during her time as a college graduate.

The incident from five years prior to the series led to Wenzhou leaving the police force. She has not appeared until five years later when she went back to the SAIB to track the truth.



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  • She is left-handed.
  • Her favorite sport is basketball.
  • She has a list of things she hates.
  • She wore glasses in high school.



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