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Top UC
Pinyin UC Dǐng Jí Zǔ Zhī
Character UC顶级组织
General Information
Type of System Terrorist Organization
Members 13 members, tons of spies and agents.
Affiliation PW Code Hint Organization, Sensicalization, Unicode Unknown Organization
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The Top UC Organization (UC顶级组织) is an infamous group that people don't recognize. Here it is one of the called "Top" Organization leaded by Sir Pyron into a dictatorship.


Room StatusEdit

Logo and EmblemEdit

Uniform StyleEdit

Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit

Brain Control 5X9 - this gadget have various tools. The first Brain Control tool is brainwashing selected people when the gear is placed on a real head. The second tool is to block out mind controls and a skill that some people may possess called the Reading through Minds. The third one blocks out from physical damage to the brain.

Magnet HanDLe - when placed on a hand like a handcuff, it will make the person dizzy and not be able to use their special powers. It can be a pain if the person's power is as strong as the magnet inside the handle.




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