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Too Late
为时已晚(Wéi shí yǐ wǎn)
Song Information
Released Not Available
Singer Not Available
Length 1-2 minutes
Label Exclusive Songs
Album Repeat the Days
Too Late (为时已晚) is an exclusive song of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. The song does not make more than 3 debuts.



The days are gone, don't be cool,
There's no point in remembering everything, it's not cool.
The same thing goes over many times, it's so dull,
Voices and familiar faces, it's too boring.

You let go for awhile, finding your true place,
But then you remember a mistake in your past.
One little bit reminds you of the times,
Only the happy ones come up, only the angered ones come faster.
Please don't mistake for something you never know again.

Your footsteps marched back, gently walking through it,
You don't know what's right for you, why take that path?
And there, at last, came to a solution you always told yourself,
That is because this is it, I warned you,
"I shouldn't have encountered this before."

Nothing can restart, you did it again!
Isn't it regretting to read it all over again?
What are the clues doing to you, they control!
But it was you who kept on going,
And then you wasted another message,
Person to person, you don't know why.
What are you trying to mess for right now?

You go gone! You go gone! Why you so dumb?
Don't come back in this mighty world,
All you can do is destroy everything behind.
Don't come back, don't come back!
It's not really your world here...

Why? WHY? It's too late, no turning back,
This is mad, this is mad!
Please stop connecting to us,
In these situations, there are far worse!
Don't pretend, it's tough!
Close them and acknowledge my considerations!

There are shadows watching from behind,
Lingering and playing with your feelings.
Have a share of these solutions,
You never keep the bet, run from behind!
The mind is too painful,
Please, just get out of here!

Just say something that will keep everything away,
Say something that you have a hard time saying,
Say something that people will have a hard time swallowing,
Just say NO to your surroundings!
Don't say it to nothing!

Listen to me, you over there!
This life is frustrating, you don't know!
Get out of this world, you know that!?
Why keep us in company, making us solve?
There's no turning back, we warned you!
And there, stop and look at me!

All you feel is regret, talk you kid!
Do you want to keep repeating these tragic times, don't join us!?
Find a place, it's too boring now.
You will come to find that this place will last.
Don't remember these things, it's too late.

But all you did was say,
"Please, just let me stay with you!"
"You never understood how everyone felt!"
"I'm so sick of everything repeating over again,"
"And everyone who are dearest to me."
"Why is it so late to even go back?"



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