Summaries allow Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki understand what you have edited in our pages. It makes us want to improve more writing including your efforts to what we have mistakingly wrote.

Article Summaries

  1. Grammar - any writing errors that don't make sense, and please try to improve it
  2. Spelling - any incorrect spelling must be corrected if so
  3. Rewriting Page - if all the information is inaccurate, you can change the information into your own
  4. Rewriting Section - if only the section has inaccurate information, change it into your own
  5. New Information - add new information into the page if something's been updated
  6. Changed Information - it can be two other ways: the information was incorrect so you corrected it or that information was fake in what source you have used
  7. Removed Unnecessary Info - words like cussing, cursing, or any of those are not necessary. This also means no fanon, something about a character, episode, etc. is not necessary for the fact.
  8. Organization - maybe the organization for an article layout format's incorrect and you rearranged it. Or maybe it was the sentence in different locations that aren't supposed to be in that section or paragraph.
  9. Corrected Problems - any problems that keep making the page look not like Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki's style or any coded problems
  10. Changed Category - the category doesn't fit into this article
  11. New Category(s) - added new categories to article
  12. Added Contents - added sections for Table of Contents
  13. Added Templates - maybe an infobox or navigation or so
  14. Corrected Template Info - maybe the template didn't have the right information
  15. Removed Templates - templates not necessaried
  16. New References - added references that you have used while writing
  17. Reference Source Deleted - the reference you used was deleted in the original or that reference source is no need
  18. Changed References - maybe there was another source that was better than the one you used, so you changed references
  19. Reference Link - maybe you forgot to type in the reference link or the link didn't load up to the right page
  20. Other (leave a suggestion) - please leave a suggestion that also made you edit our pages. You can leave a suggestion at any administrator's talk page, forums, community portal, etc.