In Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki, there a lot of policies to make this community and encyclopedia better. Please remember that this is the Spoiler Policy Policy.

What is a Spoiler?

To begin with, a spoiler is information written before the actual series began to bloom. It is released earlier before accurate information is given. A spoiler might end when the real one comes. A spoiler leads users and readers excitement to what is being written 一 might not be true 一 in the pages. 

Sometimes a spoiler causes people to give off wrong information to other outsiders of Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki, so please read at your own risk and be careful! 

How to Avoid a Spoiler

Keep it at a steady pace. Read all you can trust. It's also very nice to keep a file in your computer about a spoiler warning that is being mentioned in the articles and when it's released, you can compare which is right and wrong about it until then.

If you are an editor and you know something is a spoil, place a {{Template:Spoiler}} on a specific area where it is being spoiled. When the spoil is finished, place a {{Template:EndSpoiler}} at where it ends so readers know.