Rollbacks can revert and delete vandalized pages and edits that are reconsidered "bad faith" to our wiki. A rollback's job is as easy and quick like speed, once they see something wrong, they can view the page's history and revert it. A rollback is somebody that can be an admin, a usual member, and others. Only an administrator and a founder can give the user rights to members to become a rollback.


They are mainly to revert bad edits made by users and inappropriate comments. They can also delete articles like admins and bureaucrats. 


However, the ability to delete does not mean they are free to delete anything they want. If they think it is best to delete it, the page should be tagged with {{delete}}.

When it is ready for deletion, do not just automatically delete it, please refer to the {{delete}} and leave until it is checked by an administrator.

Deleting comments

Deleting comments must be a fair rule. All conditions and terms must not be deleting ones that you think are inappropriate. Please also delete ones that you think are best to be deleted such as cursing, cussing, sending hyperlinks, and inappropriate pictures.


A rollback must remain active at least three times a week. They also have to check the wiki frequently and must be as quick to message back. For deleting, they must have a reasonable response. In addition, a rollback must read all these rules in order to understand and contribute to this wiki.


Main article: Project:Requests for User Rights
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