This is the page where users can request for administratorbureaucrat, and rollback rights. Please follow the below rules and instructions before requesting any user's rights. Any user who is trying to become an administrator, bureaucrat, or rollback must read this completely.


As requesting these rights, they must have the following:

  • Is trustworthy.
  • Follows all administration rules.
User group Edits required Pages edited Time required for nomination
Bureaucrat 800 50 3 months as admin
Administrator 500 60 5 months before nomination
Rollback 150 10 5 weeks before nomination



Main article: Project:Administrators

Users must have these following before being nominated:

  • Rollback rights before becoming an administrator.
  • Active on this site for almost 5 months.
  • Completed their talk pages so any user could communicate.
  • Know the guidelines and wiki editing and all policies.
  • Has read the Administrators' How-to Guide.
  • Voting must be a fair chance for others.
  • Is a trusted user towards the wiki.


Main article: Project:Bureaucrats
  • Revoke rollback rights
  • Revoke administrator status.

Users must have these following before being nominated:

  • Capable of caring the wiki.
  • A good contributor.
  • Trusted for a long period of time.
  • Don't do anything wrong, overthrow something that is highly protected or is said in the policies.
  • Must follow everything, do not do revoke anything that you see is wrong before an admin.
  • Must also be an administrator to become a bureaucrat.
  • Must have fair choices and reasonable statements.


Main article: Project:Rollbacks
  • Fair deletion.
  • Fair reverting of edits on pages.

Users must have these following before being nominated:

  • Must be a reliable source.
  • Must be active at least 3 times a week.


The nominations should be opened and discussed on the discussions.

  • Nominate trusted users that are active and know more about the site.
  • Do not nominate anybody here that are less likely to be a reliable and trusted user.
  • Fair choices, should show friendly comments on users.
  • Choose the best you think, don't choose the one that's being highly nominated.
  • Show good community likewise statements to the nominee.
  • Should show some good forms of friendship and other kinds of applicable rules.
  • Nominate a person that will certainly agree with you.
  • In less than two weeks, the nominations made here will be closed and voting begins.


  • Choose the best you think, do not choose the one that is being highly voted.
  • Place a "support", "neutral", or "oppose" vote to the nominees under what you think. You do not need to place it on all nominees.
  • Your answer must be reasonable and is a fair way for users to trust, do not make up answers.
  • Sometimes, if an answer is not related, it will be marked away without any reasoning to the one who wrote it.
  • Voting will be closed after 18 days. Please be fast and possible to vote before the deadline. Once the voting counts the highest score, the nominee will win. We can accept only 2 nominees placed in the high labels.
  • When a nominee or a user is nominated, their names will be crossed out and the ones that did not win will be challenged on the next nomination if they still want to apply.
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