The Protection Policy is a policy where users, especially admins, rollbacks, bureacrats, chat moderators, and other user right members should read carefully.


You can use these protections under:


  • A vandalism or spam repeated over and over
  • A "war edit" on the article
  • A banned user who keeps on making edits and vandalism, spam, etc.
  • An article that needs to be later used for reference


  • Most important pages like the Main Page
  • A copyrighted logo, icon, and other licensed pictures/pages
  • Preventing from anonymous users editing on such as MediaWiki pages
  • Highly vandalized pages where users often see
  • Repeated vandalism, spam, etc.

Types of Protection

Fully Protected

A fully protected article is a protection that protects away from anonymous users and logged on or users who have an account. Users who could access that page are admins and bureacrats.

Something that is fully protected have several reasons: vandalism, spam, high-traffic, etc. ONLY ADMINS AND BUREACRATS HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT AT FULL.

Fully-protected articles also covers on Class A articles. These articles are pages that have little editing to be made or otherwise pages that don't need editing anymore because it's perfect.

Semi Protected

A semi-protected article is a protection that protects away from only anonymous users. It also prevents anonymous users who made their accounts in less than 5 days. They can be accessed by admins, other user rights, and users (been in the wiki actively) who are logged on and out.

Many protected articles on semi- are spams and high-traffic. This protection also covers the Class B articles, these articles are pages that need a little more editing to become an A Article.

Regular Protect

Any user, including anonymous, could access, move, and edit the page. A regular protect is not always a "protection", it is just default. 

This protection can prevent users from vandalism and spam only. They also cover the Class C articles and the ??? Articles', Class C articles are pages that needs improvement in their articles such as removing stub and adding new information in templates. ??? articles are pages that are in a low way, needs high editing and information. 


  • Protect pages that you think needs to be protected. Please do no protect a page that you have created when you are a user and protect it to full-protect since you added all the information. When you go back in your page, you cannot edit on it since you add it to "full".
  • Do not protect pages that you think needs protection because they have a lot of information. Don't protect a page because that's the protagonist or antagonist. Tell an admin.
  • Do not protect pages for fun. It must be reasoned out.