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The Project Council are a group of cooperative and hardworking users of the wiki maintaining a balance into the wiki's style of factual and guided editing. They are the ones responsible for mainly the Project Pages to help improve our wiki and community.

They also help organize our articles and group them to different spots of equality to make sure everything is the same in our wiki. They help Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki make things on the same buoyancy of balance. Our Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki council can hold up as many cooperative and editing users as a whole.

About the CouncilEdit

The Project Council opened on January 16th, 2013. Founder KeyCode suggested that the wiki needs many help due to make it the best source of all SGPP Wikis. The founder also suggested that we should form a group to meet the wiki's style of articles and other improvements.

This also counts as articles that are stubs. We tagged the, now to ??? Class articles. The highest is the A Articles that needs very little editing and stands out best. This class are sometimes fully protected but many of the, are preferred to be semi protected.

The members of the council tries very hard to communicate within each other and understand what is good for our wiki. Omce again, our wiki source will be established by a new perspective when all members cooperate to each other and nominate things as To-do lists. Although you don't seem to know what they do, but they really help make our wiki in perfect shape under nominating articles and creating/revising Project Pages that will lead users to read better policies and guidelines. We appreciate your patience and EXPLORE!


"We're having a registration for new users and members to become a Project Councilor! Look here: Nominations! Elections will be held on the first of March! However, electives must have:

  • More than 500 edits made in the wiki
  • Be active on this wiki at least one and a half month
  • Choose the best task for you! See here." -


Meet the Council members!

The Upper-Class Gurus
The Upper-Class Gurus are really just the members that have a high editing sequence and other kinds of formatting reasons. They also help thoroughly throughout the wiki and is mostly partially active or very active. You can identify a guru by a golden dash next to their name on the list.
The Lower-Class Councilors
The Lower-Class Councilors are really just council members that have a few good reasons to apply to form and cooperate. Sure they put a lot of effort too. They help most of the articles maintain balance and measure. You can identify a councilor by a blue dash next to their name on the list.
The Representative Sitters
The Representative Sitters are council members that mostly cast a vote or nominate articles that need a large hand. They also record and report new issues for the council and state their own reason. You can identify a representative by a green dash next to their name on the list.
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