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There are a variety of rules and policies around the Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki. They could be everywhere such as the home page, the template pages, etc. Here are some policies/rule for both images and videos.


File Extensions

In the Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki, we allow users to use JPEG (JPG), PNG, GIF, SVG, etc. files. We highly prefer a PNG because a JPEG will not show off with good quality. For a GIF, please show appropriate images in the file.


Uploading a photo will not be prompt as a "free upload" to the wiki. Photo images should be placed somewhere else. Do not upload photos just to increase the wiki's personality, also describe or place it to a category or an article. Please also remember that an image should tie into the Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki.


Most images have a copyright, you should always give credit to the site, author, or publisher, etc. Images with copyright licenses, fair use, other free, and more should be categorized to those categories. For more about copyright, please take a look at Wikia Copyrights .


Make sure the photo makes sense to all sites and users. Sometimes a larger image is cropped to the middle or will be resized, so reach its limits. Please replace a non-high quality image with a high-quality image on top of it on the Category:Images and then to the Category:Files .


If an image does not shown up in the category, add it. If it's an image, add it to the Image category. The image category will have those images on the files. You could also go to the Special:New Files for the images in the wiki.



You can upload new videos at the Special:Videos page. When you finished uploading the video, categorize it to the Category:Videos.

You can also upload videos for episodes or any entertainment. It should be appropriate to the Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki. These videos cannot be off topic, this should be highly accepted into the wiki.


To become a great user of this wiki, you must always give credit to the owner of a video, For example if you got it on YouTube, you could make a reference and write down the name of the website or URL. Note: You probably should also cite the name of the YouTube user.

Videos also goes for the same as images' copyrights.]

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