Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki doesn't fully accept chat rooms in many ways. However, you may chat whenever you want so you could meet and make friends. Yes, off-topics can be discussed here. Not that there isn't anything for a chat, please read WHAT Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki prefers.

Fair Instructions

Chat users must have the following:

  • Be active on this wiki for about 3 days before starting the chat
  • Has 15 edits to the wiki or more before starting the chat
  • Has read the Manual of Style policy
  • Has redesigned their own userpages so other members can visit it
  • Has uploaded one photo or video related to the wiki
  • If you think you did all this, think if you are trusted by contacting our administrators here.

Chat Rules

The chat, is not just for fun, but it is certainly in for the chat policy.

  • No spamming! Chatting repeated words are considered spamming.
  • No cursing, cussing, or saying any inappropriate words!
  • The wiki allows you to chat or comment on pages with these four languages: Chinese (based on the story in the setting of China), English (mentioned in English sometimes and is the language of this site), Japanese (also one of the settings in the story), and British (for some words spelled like favorite and favourite).
  • The chat is NOT home to personnel information like asking what their real name is. A chat moderator will block you.
  • Any language not related to the wiki is most likely banned from the chat.
  • Fighting or arguing over what's right and bullying others will not be allowed in the chat. It will not be tolerated in the chat.
  • Do not use the another account to go back in the chat again. The person who uses these accounts matter.
  • Do not send hyperlinks unless you think it is trusted. However, we recommend you to not click a hyperlink in the chat except the chat welcome message.
  • Breaking these rules might refer to a ban from the chat or even the wiki.

If you are Banned...

There's nothing really to do if you are banned. If you are banned, you are banned. No exceptions.
On the other hand, if you are accidentally banned from the chat moderator when you were doing nothing, please explain the details provided for the chat moderator or an administrator at their talk pages. However, we may not know if you are pretending, so doesn't it make you think it is good to spam on user talk pages!

If you accidentally spilled out words, hyperlinks, or inappropriate words, please explain what really happened to the chat moderators and or administrators.

If you do not know why you are banned, you must have not read the chatting policy or a user reported you on purpose. Unless.. If you have something more.

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