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A short description of Chat Moderators are moderators that support and will be identifying users from the chat. Likewise, the names says it all. 

Chat Moderator AbilityEdit

They have the ability to kick and ban users from the chat. One, they are on the chat and can right click a user's name and ban or kick them from the chat. You can identify a Chat Moderator when they have a star next to them. Second, they could have gotten a message from a user reporting a user to be kicked or banned. 

Chat Moderators don't really come in handy, but they also help improve our wiki by anonymous and or "bad" users (or just users that don't follow rules often). Chat Moderators are given to users when they have a right from an admin, bureaucrat, and or Wikia staff.

When you are banned...Edit

If you have any opposing arguments why, explain and an admin or chat moderator will undo the change for unbanning you. They can unban you on the chat or on your user contributions by clicking "unban". 

More into our wiki's style, a banned user might take a month to get the unbanned limit of time banned from the chat. For more information, please read the Chat Policy.

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