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Bureaucrats have the same job as an administrator and has increased more in the wiki. Here are the rights of a bureaucrat.

Bureaucrat Abilities

They aren't useless and they do not mean they are all administrators. They can do these vavrious:

This Wiki's Bureaucrats

Please see: Special:Listusers/sysop for users of the wiki.

User Status Since Addition
KeyCode Weekly Active 2012-04-14April 14th, 2012 Also a founder of wiki.
[[User:|User:]] Uncertain
[[User:|User:]] Partially Active
[[User:|User:]] Active
[[User:|User:]] Inactive
Active Weekly Active Partially Active Uncertain Inactive
Always here Active on weeks Most of the time An unknown of time Not active now

Becoming a Bureaucrat

An administrator or founder can give you a right to become a level of bureaucrat.A bureaucrat can bu useful after being a rollback. You cannot become a bureaucrat if you are not a rollback yet. For that, users must vote on your username to become one. But first, you can make a request to become a bureaucrat. If you do not want to request it there or a smaller part, you can go to the Community Portal or our Forums under headings of requests or a header of becoming a user right.

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