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Special Analytics Investigation Bureau (特解析调查局)Tè jiěxī diàochá jú, acronym SAIB, is a special force used to perform private investigations and solve cases whenever possible. They are a small sub-unit of the police force.


SAIB is a private organization under the police force, so they mainly perform tasks that are assigned by the chief.

Uniform Style[]

SAIB members are required to wear a white top and black bottom. The top is provided but the bottom can be a jean, pant, etc. as long as it is black. Members could also wear a jacket, coat, etc. over the top in any color.

The members are differentiated by the badge pinned to their top, as well as the pad on the shoulders.


There are six groups and one specially trained group. The groups are divided as below.

Number Name Commander Leader
D-1 Leadership Group Fu Longting Jiang Yifei
D-2 Justice Group Lin Quan Song Wenqu (former)
Leng Ji (former)
Huang Yilai
Notes: Due to the death of Lin Quan, the Justice Group had broken apart and joined under D-3.
D-3 Truth Group Fang Zhiying Song Changyin
Notes: This group was originally called Wisdom Group.
D-4 Law Group Lu Xingguang Shan Yi
D-5 Negotiation Group Xu Yin Xi Yekai
D-6 Security Group Liang Liping Lu Hetian
A-9 Guru Group Xiao Shanming Cheng Jinghao (former)
Xiang Wenzhou




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