Song Wenqu (宋文趣)Sòng Wénqù, codename "Rachlen", is the former group leader of the Justice Group and now a member of the UC organization.


Song Wenqu used to have long hair with little curls on the bottom. She cut her hair to the length of her neck but still left the curls. She wears a black cape coat which stops all the way to her knees.


Wenqu is mostly quiet but when speaking, she uses strong vocabulary in her words. Her voice is dark and blurred.

When she was young, Wenqu offered help to people she knew even when they did not ask for it.


Wenqu was always fascinated by criminology through reading the Sherlock Holmes series, thus she joined the SAIB with Jiang Yifei and several others from secondary school. However, her family hoped to see her in the medical field, so she also went to medical school and became a doctor.

Five years prior to the series, Wenqu was invited by Xiang Wenzhou to help invent an item capable of being matched to the black market's top-selling product then. She agreed to help her and Cheng Jinghao track down the gang leaders involved in the gang chaos five years ago, but the event resulted in an explosion in a private laboratory the three had access to. This explosion caused Wenqu to have amnesia, and she also absorbed the explosion's effects inside her body, making her immune to these dangers and a compatible body to suck in energy.

This explosion also indirectly caused the death of her former commander, Lin Quan, but Wenqu was unaware of what she was going to go through. After the event, Xia Lun of the UC noticed her new abilities and used her weakness of helping others to capture her.



Xiang Wenzhou
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Jiang Yifei
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Cheng Jinghao
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Xia Lun
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Wenqu met Xia Lun after she had quit her job as an investigator/D-2 member from the events of the explosion. Due to her nature of helping people, Xia Lun found that to be her weakness and lured her into a trap. He controlled her and she became a part of the UC organization.




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