Song Tianluo (宋天落)Sòng Tiānluò, codename "Bairi", is a minor antagonist in the Police Reverence.


As a graduate student at daytime, Song wears a white coat and black professional pants. He is extremely skinny and often wears a blank expression.

As a notorious criminal at night, Song's outfit is hard to see. He usually wears a red sweater that covers his mouth and the neck, along with some black skinny jeans.


In the university, he is very calm and is often annoyed with the attitude of other students. He does not help solve college problems or fights that happen between students, nor does he ever cared about the chaos around the campus. Liu Shunying may be the only person who notices that even though he is intelligent and calm, Song is not a considerate person but a rather selfish individual.

As "Bairi", Song is tagged as mysterious and elusive. He is known to be the most elusive criminal the police forces are trying to catch, and he is success due to their lack of knowledge of his appearance.


Song is not known to have many friends. The true intentions of him being notorious and elusive is not clear.



Liu Shunying
Main article: Liu Shunying
Song met Liu during his 3rd year of university. He was never interested in her at all until their 4th year in the university. However, Liu had been secretly examining his true identity when she had realized his behavior.


  • How Song managed to go under the name "Bairi" is unknown. Because he shows mostly himself at night, the name "Bairi", which literally means White Day, is a paradox. The police force had consistently try to deny information surrounding his criminal styles and behavior.



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