General Information
Type of System Terrorist Organization
Members 16 members and 3 spies
Affiliation PW Code Hint Organization, Top UC Organization, Unicode Unknown Organization
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The Sensicalization Organization group has a role in their systems, making things happen some of the time. Their leader is Sir Fork, a former commander of DO. He resigned as a commander after completing a case about how guilty the culprit was and what he managed to do. So years later, he found the Sensicalization group and organized the members into "Sense members".


This group is what people call the "Terror" group. Not as much terror as they do, this group only follows their leader: Sir Fork. A weird name to begin with, but acts like a real dictator. This organization includes 15 members excluding their leader and plus 3 spies.

Their mission is to destroy all police departments around the nearest site next to Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Room StatusEdit

Logo and EmblemEdit

Uniform StyleEdit

They wear red and blue in some places of their clothing.

Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit






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