The Red Spade group chose their name because Kame Iket, one of the members, thought the Spade of Cards was the most powerful. The members liked the idea of the spade but didn't know what to add next to the spade since it would be boring if it was “Black Spade" or "Spade" itself. Spinian mentioned "Red" spade just to describe another color.


They are one of the master groups for games of Cards and Mahjong tiles. They hope to play against opponents bravely with Beat the Landlord (Dou Di Zhu) on a card game or just Poker or any kind of beating game. In Mahjong, they like to choose Shi San Yao (Thirteen Orphans) and Guang Dong Ma Jiang (Guangdong Mahjong) where one could Chow (Sheung in HK) the other player instead just Pung.

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Their uniform is white and red. For a female uniform, the top is likely a blouse and a name tag and symbol attached to their uniform's chest. In a male uniform, their top is like a school uniform, with their name tags and symbol attached to their uniform's chest as well. The female upper pants are somewhat similar to Arabian style, but has striped lines that flow. The bottom pant is actually really a sock or a legging, with maroonish stripes mixed with white stripes that go to their shoes. Their shoes have a red spade printed in the front.

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