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Police Levels are levels available to only students who are Trainees to even higher levels in a police department. They are also to make the job increase by the achievement points that the officers had surpassed. If they pass one of these levels, they could become a one step higher, and the highest is to become a Police Chief:
  1. Police Trainee 1
  2. Police Trainee 2
  3. Police Trainee 3
  4. Police Supervisor
  5. Police Officer

Police Corporal



Graduating Selections

Sub-Unit Commander

Examination from Chief

Only one Police Chief
at a time until retired

Other LevelsEdit


  • A Guru is a police officer that completes tasks and missions to complete levels of being a one of the Graduating Selections tested by the Police Chief.
  • Guru officers can vary when to start whether the group itself allows it. The PTGS group is a group of educated students who are ready for graduating selections. In fact, they are all identified as guru officers.
  • A Guru Police Sir are really just captains of a group. It depends on the type of group they are, allowing which settings. Guru sirs make their students complete missions offered by the Police Chief. They, too, also complete missions.
  • Jo's original level is a Police Corporal. It takes years to complete these levels. It's a lottery between grades whether students can succeed to selections or graduating selections for recommendation. Some students signed up for being the selections rather than graduating ones.

Case Solvers

  • Detectives and Investigators are the main ones on this category. Usually corporals complete well gets a form of switching to a detective or investigator.
  • Detectives work in small groups, there are currently 10 in the GZ System Defense. Investigators work in about 12 members a group. Their settings are set to private.
  • Dian's level is a detective, he passed the Point Score Examination for this career. The Point Score Examination is a Police IQ test that can be tested to skip police levels with the students' knowledge.
  • Inspectors have many jobs. Inspectors usually go to court in different and separate groups. They are the same as a detective group's co-leader. A detective, an inspector, and an investigator are all at the same level.
  • Guru officers learn the basics of solving cases, not actually their absolute description.

Statistic Reporter

  • Statistic Reporters are only selected by the Police Chief. The only and current Statistic Reporter is Ke Jie Qin. She records all date and experience numbers in binary code for each student in DO.

Police Agents

  • Students are not to be selected for this level, they are assigned like sergeants and lieutenants. Agents are looted for controlling the balance of the Military, and only those students that have passed into the 4 Departments are allowed to register.
  • A Police Agent leads the Agency Department. They follow the Police Chief's rules and obey them; other rules are also to be followed by the leading agent. They are also the lookout of the Military Branch in DO.

Leading Agent

  • According to DO, the leading agent must have claimed one of the top 5 stats near a 95.
  • There is only one Leading Agent in DO: Jing Jie Ke. He leads the agents of the department and is recognized as the leader.

Superintendent Police

  • The Police Chief selects them out from the Agency Department.
  • They are usually in charge of police force district and other small workbases.

Senior Superintendent

  • The Police Chief selects only a few from the Agency Department.
  • Different from normal Superintendents, a Senior one normally focuses on districts and other locations and maintains balance and rights.

Police Chief Secretary

  • The Secretary might have the same work as a Statistic Reporter, but it's job gets worse, not only on numbers. A Secretary seems to be the next highest level near a Police Chief, but it's actually two levels down.
  • A secretary might not have been calculated or chosen from stats, but it is recommended that a secretary must know all the abilities.
  • The Secretary handles all files and documents around DO, records data and statistics. There is only one secretary: Li Wei Feng

Leading Superintendent

  • Supposedly to have the second highest stat after the Police Chief.
  • He is the second in command of the police force. Mainly controls all the departments and locations.

Police Level FormsEdit

Jo once had a form stating she had a level accomplishment to become a detective, but she rejected it and continued to be a Police Guru Officer (Corporal level). One reason she didn't want to become a detective is because the form assigned her group class as the same one as Dian's group. Sir Jayostako-Mato's level is the second to highest rank of the levels —— as a Commander, and originally it means Sir or Madam.

  • Detective Point Form
  • Investigator Selection Form
  • Inspector/Sergeant/Lieutenant Form
  • A-9 In-Training PTGS Form
  • Defense and Military Form
  • Corporal A Forms
  • 4 Department Apply Form
  • Commander Test Form*
  • Detective Sir Form*
  • Detective Guru Sir Form*
  • Investigator Commander Form*
  • Private Investigator Commander Form*


There are also the military: army, air force, navy, coast guard, and marine corps. They are all parts of the missions and can make a huge difference for jumping levels higher. You can jump from a Police Officer to a Sergeant or below sergeant and above police officer.


Roles keep the students on task, especially to Police Trainees to Police Corporals. Whenever they think something is hard, they will have to memorize the 6 roles and keep forward. Their role is to do these tasks to become a great police:

  1. Police (Protect)
  2. Organization
  3. Lives
  4. Important Information
  5. Cooperation
  6. Education