Police Officer
Pinyin Jǐng Chá
Character 警察
Rōmaji Keisatsu
Job Information
Function Make sure people obey laws, Solve problems into solutions.
Courses Physical Education, Criminology
Work Location Police Department, street patrol
Other Similar Jobs Police Supervisor, Police Corporal, Detective, Investigator
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Police Officers (警察), sometimes known as Police Patrol Officers, have a job to protect the city or patrol around. In DO, this level can level up to a corporal or even higher grouping.

Being a PositionEdit

Police Officers patrol around the city to make sure people obey laws. Most police officers have different duties around the district such as working in the traffic areas.

Even though police officers don't do much work, there are other jobs for them to work on. From their experience of being a Police Trainee, they still practice harder training and problem solving skills. If they find situations in the streets, they would have to solve it or hand it to the next level officers if it isn't suitable for their job, such as cases.

Most of the time, a police officer is the central saying of all officers or students in the police school. Even if they are a detective, they have a job of a police officer.

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