Perfect Welfare (完美福利)Wánměi fúlì, acronym PW, was a powerful organization said to be affiliated with the police forces. However, it was revealed to be one of the leaders in ensembling the anti-police forces together.


Gao Haifeng was a former upper-class lawyer, judge, and SAIB commander. He soon turned against some laws of justice and retired from the said jobs to begin a dangerous mission. He believed that the anti-police forces will help make the world a better place without crime and suspicion between peoples, thus he called it Perfect Welfare.

Along with Gao Haifeng's founding, Jing Ye, another SAIB commander, secretly retired from SAIB to aid his friend in creating PW.

The name of PW means many to others: password, Perfect Welfare, and even the two leaders' codenames combined - Pekn Weslie.





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