The PW Code Hint is one of the highest and powerful crime organization in Guangzhou. However, they are trying to take down all police forces. Their leader is Sir Weslie and Pekn as their co-leader.


Their group has not been known until episode 28. They have been mentioned earlier in the series, but their group was not as powerful as it has been thought. Sir Weslie, Gao Hai Feng, was a former upperclass lawyer and a judge. He turned against some laws and retired from the job to begin a dangerous mission.

Pekn, Jing Ye, was once a police guru sir like Sir Jayostako-Mato. In fact, he was the one who taught and urged his neice, Jing Yu, to become a detective. Jing Yu had no doubt knowing her uncle was the co-leader of an organization that will destroy everything that Jing Ye once loved doing.

The two of these leaders created the organization with the initials PW for Pekn and Weslie. Since P comes before W, they had in mind to leave as PW which could also stand for password.

Their mission is to destroy all police departments around the nearest site next to Guangzhou.

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