Many people are introduced from groups. As into this problem, there are organizations that give us clues.

Police Forces Groups (Organizations)Edit

In this police force, there tons of police groups. If you were to organize this into a map, these would have been the smallest. The Sensicalization group would be 2 times bigger than the PTGS group!

A-9 In-Training Privacy PTGS GroupEdit

The highest A-9, also private, group. This group's main mission is to complete everyone member's wish to go to their higher levels. This group also enforces them to complete missions, quests, and do their own teams.

This group can be harsh because of tough missions and hard efforts put from police corporals.

Detective D-4 Great Sir Inc.Edit

Leader Great Sir created this company and organization in the police department. Other leaders such as Pro Sir and Key Sir also did the same. Detective stands in front, meaning a corporation for detectives. 

This group is mostly different than the other detective organizations. It is very much like the PTGS group because of its missions and badges for completion to the next levels. 

The Sensicalization OrganizationEdit

This group is what people call the "Terror" group. Not as much terror as they do, this group only follows their leader: Sir Fork. A weird name to begin with, but acts like a real dictator. This organization includes 15 members plus 3 spies and one for their own leader.

PW Code Hint OrganizationEdit

This organization joined forces with the Sensicalization, Top UC Organization, and the UO Organization.Actually, it was the three other organizations who joined forces with Code Hint. Code Hint is recognized as the only and ultimate level for military and forces.

It was the one who chose to be secretive until the last moment of episode 28. 

Criminal and Military ForceEdit

The actual name of this organization is Department of Leadership.

This organization is remembered of its leader, at an old age, having a difficult problem being a leader or something else. Most people say he has a phobia disease or is scared of other unknown people. Pro Fei is the protector of this force, so she overlooks for her leader.

This force's job is to train military officers and catch criminals at a longer time period.

Top UC OrganizationEdit

Most people don't know this group. Here it is called the "top" organization. Its leader is very secretive and has a wrong situation. He enforces people to fall for his tricks. But the members know him much, so they pay close attention to him.

When Xuang Wen Jo found out about Rachlen joined to that group, she knew something was wrong. However, Rachlen didn't have the opportunity to follow her new leader, and the leader always uses her. The leader uses her for her intelligence and wants her to be a traitor to her friends. Rachlen is usuallu seated by herself, as if she didn't want to be included in part of the team.

Red Spade OrganizationEdit

The Red Spade isn't popular among the other ones. It's based off of another subject due to cards and mahjong. They are quite famous for those games, there members are [[]], SpinianKannaShimuIket, and Deibon. They all appeared on the episode Episode 25 (Part 1): The Ruling of the Target. Template:Organizationslist

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