There are several organizations in Police Reverence. The main organization types are separated into police and anti-police forces.

Police forcesEdit


The main organization of Police Reverence is the Special Analytics Investigation Bureau. This is a private organization that works under the police force but is assigned special tasks and missions for the sake of clearing anti-police forces and other cases.


Although this organization is actually just a hospital, the Yicheng South Hospital is affiliated with the police force for forensic investigations and performances. There are doctors who work closely with the SAIB to aid in their crime-solving.

Anti-police forcesEdit


This organization is said to play with the human senses, thus got its name. The leader of this organization is a former commander of SAIB, Tang Sheng, who goes by the name Fork Sir.


The leader of Unique Character, Xia Lun, is a sadistic person with a twisted mindset. However, he is a genius at inventing things, and he uses these inventions to "capture" targets with special abilities to work for him.


The PW goes by the name Perfect Welfare, which is meant to carry out missions to provide and promote health, happiness, and fortunes to people in need. However, this organization is really just an anti-police force with a false name.



Police Reverence Organizations
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