Pinyin Lǜ Shī
Character 律师
Kanji 弁護士
Rōmaji Bengoshi
Job Information
Function Advise their clients / plaintiffs / defendants the legal rights and finishing the case dealing with the law.
Courses Law Enforcement, Legal Studies
Work Location Court, Office
Other Similar Jobs Attorney, Jurist, Justice / Judge, Inspector
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Lawyers (律师), according to Merriam-webster, is one whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients or to advise as to legal rights and obligations in other matters.

Being a PositionEdit

To be a right and courageous lawyer, they first establish their skills of talking and speech vocabulary like a summary. A lawyer has true logic for what's being valued up or talked about. A lawyer defends their own defendant or plaintiffs in the case of understanding all the information that is heard and said or even needed. A lawyer can have some mistakes, but is best to be accurate on all times, that is why they are careful of what they are speaking.

If a lawyer does not know all the laws, then there is nothing to be right or wrong about ties to a criminal case. All people recommended of serving as lawyers have to first study about all laws and enforcement. Lawyers don't give up and always plan to move up their skills, knowledge, abilities, and duties. A lawyer who is skilled can be passed to become a judge if needed for a trial.

If a task or mission to any files or documents made by a lawyer is an error, it will automatically cause problems of failure.

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