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Han Di Fen ((韩蒂芬)Hán Dì Fēn), also known as Stephen in English, is a character who doesn't really have a role. She had a nice and advising manner but all that personality was to lead the police officers and other groups to fall for her tricks.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is portrayed in a braided, tied up, gray, pony tail. She is still in high school in her last year, so she wears her school uniform dressed in red and white. She is mysterious as her appearances, maybe a sense of weak presence that students near her actually feel. Sometimes she wear differently than her usual.


Her personality reflects little on her whole appearance. She is quiet, mysterious, and is easy to advice people. The ones she doesn't really lie to are her classmates while the other side of her acts, such as pranks, under her own voice is to the police.




  • At the very first time of an episode having her cameo or debut, it is shown that she plays her piano somewhere in the setting of where the episode takes place.
  • She secretly works with the Sense organization and the protagonists realized they were tricked at the end.


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