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The Guru Group (顾策队)Gù cè duì, also known as A-9, is a private and specially trained group that belongs to SAIB with Xiao Shanming as its commander.


This group was initiated by Zhong Zhiguo, the chief of SAIB, five years prior to the series for the purpose of investigating gang chaos. Originally, he already gave this task to the Law Group, but he needed some assistance without the Law Group exposed on the surface. Therefore, he assigned Xiao Shanming as commander of the group to lead and handle two students, Cheng Jinghao and Xiang Wenzhou, for the mission.

With Xiang Wenzhou's sharp intuition and Cheng Jinghao's expert cyptology, the two coordinated very well. Their evidence had turned to a few suspects of the gang chaos, and Xiang Wenzhou invited a third person to help with inventing an item comparative enough to the black market to help pinpoint the gang leaders.

However, Xiang Wenzhou left a few evidence somewhere, which PW found out and set an explosion to the laboratory. The explosion caused Song Wenqu to have amnesia and also absorbed some effects, allowing her to be immune and able to suck in energy. Xiang Wenzhou's memory of the explosion faded away. Because of the turn of events, Xiang Wenzhou left SAIB for five years.

The current SAIB is still leaded by Xiao Shanming, but Cheng Jinghao quit his position as the group leader. He requested Xiang Wenzhou to go back to the Guru Group and train the other two members while he went to investigate privately on the gang chaos that still is happening.





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