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Corporal A-9 (警察A-9 Jǐngchá A-9), also known as Guru Group (解询系队 Jiě Xún Xì Duì), is a private corporal group that belongs to GZ System Defense Police Force's Corporal Department with Xiao Shan Ming "Bright Sir" as its leader and Sui Jian Kong "Kong Sir" following. This group is the highest level of the Corporal Department but can now only be accepted through recommendation and or the Chief of Police.


It was originally one of the class groups that corporal students have to attend before switching to detective or investigator. After Shuang Wen Zhen received a note about a code, she decided to return to GZ System Defense to inform the Chief of Police and work on the codes. The Chief of Police wanted a group to solve these codes and made Corporal A-9 a private group to accomplish the very mission. The group was then renamed the Guru Group and the corporals were then considered as special officers called "gurus".

The primary goal of this group is to complete tasks of new cases shared by the Detective Department. After becoming a private group, more cases began to surface and even small cases were filed for completion to find any embedded codes. Being the one and only private group of the Corporal Department, they focus on newly spotted crimes and cases and are usually assigned for cases whenever possible. One commander, works both in the A-9 and the main office, could call out another commander from different groups and hand out a new case file for fillers to complete the vacant job. Occupied case getters will have to rely on how many cases they can aim for.

This group level, in other viewpoints by the detectives, investigators, inspectors, etc. are said to be a "low" one. Most people see this group as catching up to work with the detectives. When this group became private, the police force made a rule for police officers of A-8 level to have the option to join A-9 or skip to become a detective or an investigator.


Interior Design

The walls are white and the windows are sometimes covered with curtains. The white board is placed on the left side while the chalk board is placed on the right side for lessons in the center (main) walls. Around where the walls (the walls away from the windows; close to the next class) is positioned, a bulletin board of case files or newly events are posted there. The floor is like slippery tiled colored and covered in black and white. Tables are neatly organized. Each file of the students' statuses is placed on all desks.

At the back counter, there is a meeting table where all students and captains were ordered to discuss about important things.

Logo and Emblem

Their logo is displayed at the meeting room or educating room (all equals system room). Where the meeting table is located, the back wall has the logo printed on it. 

There are other logos posted around, mainly found in their uniforms' left and right sleeves (to the position where the elbows are) and the sign on their shirts. 

Uniform Style

Their dressing are usual to other systems of the whole police department. The madams/sirs are recommended to wear the white top and black bottom uniforms. The students are chosen to wear white/blue top and black bottom uniforms. All that change is where their logo or signs are placed.

For the captains, their name tag is placed on either side of their clothing wherever they like. Then there is a black realistic icon shaped like a bow. For the captains, carrying their ID card can be in wallets or the detective profession ways (hanging in a lanyard). 

On the students' uniforms, the logo sign is stamped on different sides - left and or right due to either way the uniform was made - of the chest. Above the sign is a black realistic icon in the shape like a bow. It is also one of their logo's icon. On the other side (again due to how the uniform was made), their ID card is recommended to be placed below the golden name tag. Unlike detectives, their ID Cards are hanged in a lanyard.



ID Name Codename Rank Status
Xiao Shan Ming Bright Sir Commander Active
Sui Jian Kong Kong Sir Commander Active
32753 Cheng Jing Hao Code Guru Former
32754 Shuang Wen Zhen Jo Guru Unknown
32968 Meng Qi Su Quick Guru Active
33012 Kang Shu Fen Alpha Guru Active
33182 Shen Luo Lone Guru Active
34712 Lin Lu Yun Lost Guru Active
34783 Guang Lei Lei Guru Active
32980 Fang He Dispel Guru Active
33798 Deng Pei Hong Port Guru Active
34785 Yin Fan Ting Forte Guru Active
34801 Shan Zhen Ni Jenny Guru Former
47369 Ruka Ruka Guru Former




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