GZ System Defense (DO)
Pinyin Guǎngzhōu Xìtǒng Fángyù Jǐngfāng Jú Duì
Character 广州系统防御警方局队
General Information
Type of Place Police Department
Location Guangzhou, Guangdong
Country China
Inhabitants Police Force Officers
Debut Episode 1
Map of Place
广州系统防御警方局队, 广东

GZ System Defense Police Force (广州系统防御警方局队), nicknamed as "Do" for short, is the name of the police school/crime department of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. Most of the characters attend at this school.


Located in the very city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, far from Qingyuan and near Foshan, lies DO. DO is known to be the central police department of Guangzhou City, knowing that the systems and level recommendations are different than any other.

The origin of the police department is unknown, however it is due to the large range of attacks and murder around the place. Most of these are heard in Hong Kong and since Guangdong has been much of a provincial rival to HK, they discovered that fighting crime has to be expanded. Guangzhou has also set up various police stations that all connect to DO.

In this police force, students that follow the rules goes into 6 different roles. In DO, the systems are organized by level and rank. There are other small systems, for fighting, in DO though.




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  • Modes can be switched during battle.
  • Stats are what officers see in themselves. In order to improve, they need to see if they had increased or not.
  • Skills are separated into groups:
    • Regular; regular skills can just be in the form of names.
    • Defense; can be based off of speed or dodging in general.
    • Code; mostly used to insert a skill that a person can contain. The famous Code skill is Code:Copy.
    • Insert Gadget; this skill is used for people that holds gadgets.


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Physical FeaturesEdit

Logo and EmblemEdit

Uniform StyleEdit

There are various uniform styles in DO, especially due to rank. The police chief have a decision of wearing a dark blue or white top (but usually recommended blue because it is superior in a way). Every single officer should be wearing black pants/jeans/etc., but nothing other than black.

  • The police chief's shoulder areas consist of two badges that have only the same shape and or image.
  • Anyone lower than the police chief but higher than the commander rank wears navy tops. Agents wear black though.
  • Commanders wear white tops. Investigators and detectives can come in handy of what top, not the bottom of course. These two levels have an exception of wearing detective clothing.
  • The A-9 Corporal, closer to the detective rank, wear white tops. Anyone lower than A-9 wears plain blue tops.
  • The 4 Department ranks usually is seen wearing black and navy. Also, the military wears green most of the time. It is not necessary to include the military as part of DO, it is only an alliance section.


Policechief The Police Chief - in charge of DO, the head of the police force.
Leadingsuper The Leading Superintendent - second in command of the police force. Mainly controls all the departments and locations.
Policechiefsecretary The Police Chief Secretary - handles all files and documents around DO, records data and statistics.
Seniorsuper Senior Superintendent - normally focuses on districts and other locations, maintains balance and rights.
Superintendent Superintendent Police - in charge of police force district and other small workbases.
Commander Commander - normally known as Sir and or Madam, head of a group in DO.
Seniorinspector Senior Inspector - a category lower than a commander, such as captain.
Inspector Inspector of Police - assigned inspector of a commander. (Not the assigned level for graduating selections).
Subunitcommander Sub-unit Commander - a level lower than the commander and senior inspector.
Ser-lieu Sergeant/Liuetenant
Detect-invest Detective/Investigator
Guru Guru Officer - normally guru officers don't use these badges. They either use the Corporal badge or the trainee badges to keep in track of their ID numbers.
Corporal Police Corporal - corporals don't always wear these badges if its a mission or task. They train and supervise like the trainees.
Trainee Trainee/Supervisor/Patrol - beginners who wear their ID numbers on their badges.


There are four departments that reside in the police force. They take care of balance between the systems and the force itself. There used to be only 3 departments; Department of Leadership [DOL], Department of Wisdom [DOW], and Department of Justice [DOJ]. DOJ was abolished into two: Mastery and Courage Speculation. Justice was no longer part of the system due to the fact that most members don't have a large sense of justice and that most of Hong Kong has used up the system.

Department of LeadershipEdit

The Department of Leadership is the highest department in DO and has ever been. Apparently, it's an upper level for succeeded detectives and can be randomly selected to different departments other than DOL. This department is also an organization itself named as the Crime and Military Force.

Department of WisdomEdit

This department is ranked the second with successful achievements and excellence.

Department of MasteryEdit

This department and the Courage Speculation have in common, both are not the lowest ranked just from the same balance.

Department of Courage SpeculationEdit

This is also a department the police school have. The Courage Speculation is tied with the Department of Mastery.


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DO has a total of exactly 100 upperclassmen/staff/members and 10 agents. DO includes 1019 enrolled students and selecting levels.

For corporal members, 9 is the highest class. For detective and investigator classes, there is no rank.
等级 学警
Trainee 1 26 members; 20 boys, 5 girls
Trainee 2 25 members; 19 boys, 6 girls
Trainee 3 31 members; 18 boys, 13 girls
Supervisor 10 members; 8 boys, 2 girls
Corporal D-9, D-8, D-7, D-6, D-5 18 members
Corporal D-4, D-3, D-2 17 members
Corporal D-1 19 members
Corporal C-9, C-8, C-7 15 members
Corporal C-6, C-5, C-4, C-2 19 members
Corporal C-3, C-1 20 members
Corporal B-9, B-8, B-7, B-6, B-5 10 members
Corporal B-4, B-3, B-2 12 members
Corporal A-9 16 members (formerly 17 members,
minus 2 people and adding one more)
Corporal A-8 15 members
Corporal A-7, A-6, A-5, A-4 17 members
Corporal A-3, A-2, A-1 12 members
Detective D-10 10 members
Detective D-9, D-8 8 members
Detective D-7, D-4 9 members
Detective D-6, D-5, D-3 11 members
Detective D-2, D-1 12 members
Investigator AI-1 10 members
Investigator AI-2, AI-3, AI-4 9 members
Investigator AI-5 7 members
Sergeant Class Assigned (total) 11 assigned
Lieutenant Class Assigned (total) 8 assigned
Commanders (sub, inspector, senior inspector) 85 commanders (including departments)
Agency Department 10 agents


Members of GZ System Defense Police Force.

名称 等级
鈡智国 警局长
高世安 领先管理者
李伟峰 警局长书记
夏复雨 高级警司
初玉 高级警司
金消 警司警察
梁优书 警司警察
将万年 警司警察
除记军 警司警察
红如梦 警司警察
经杰克 领先代理
敬艾迪 二级专代理
科洁琴 统计记者
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