The Detective Department (侦探部 Zhēntàn Bù) is a building located in the GZ System Defense Police Force for both detective commanders and students. The head of the Detective Department is Fang Zhi Ying with Liang Li Ping following.


The primary focus of each group is to check recent notices of files and or documents for newly arrived cases. The members of the department usually sit in their office working, drinking, and eating until a case shows up. When they have a meeting, they meet at the central room of the Detective Department.

The building has more than ten rooms, but in the police force, there are currently ten groups. New students can enter when their examination scores reach a certain number or through recommendation. Each group actually has up to four members, but the actual limit is five members. The Chief of Police can open a new group when more people join.


Exterior DesignEdit

Interior DesignEdit

All rooms are the same size except for restrooms and the central room. Each room serves as an office and will have another linking room for only the commanders. Each room will have double doors that lead into the office. In the middle of the room, the first scene will be that of several individual desks separated by little walls. All floors are clear of color with the pattern resembling kitchen tiles.

Each group's office should have bulletin boards on a wall showing all types of cases they have accomplished. Under those bulletin boards should be a drawer containing weapons, gadgets, and files.

Uniform StyleEdit

Their uniform style features resembles the majority of other uniforms of the police force. Commanders wear a white top and a black bottom, but they are not required to wear this at all times. Most commanders tend to wear suits and other clothing. Detective students wear a black and white tuxedo inside while having a coat-like jacket covering that could be of brown or navy color. In the Detective Department, all members are expected to wear a lanyard around their neck.



The ranking is accumulated firstly through the examination scores. After this, the group's activity and training will be counted. As a detective group, each group is expected to solve a number of cases correctly in order to rank among others.

Rank Group Leader
1 D-8 Key Sir
2 D-10 Pro Sir
3 D-4 Great Sir
4 D-5 High Sir
5 D-9 Madam Con
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