Pinyin Zhēn Tàn
Character 侦探
Kanji 探偵
Rōmaji Tantei
Job Information
Function Solving a case and a crime that deals with law enforcement or justice.
Courses Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement
Work Location Detective Department/Office, outside streets 24/7
Other Similar Jobs Guru Officer, Investigator
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Detectives (侦探) and Investigators have a similar job. In DO, the difference between a detective and an investigator is that they are not private groups. Their main job is to solve clues and gather information for the criminal cases.

Being a PositionEdit

Detectives work hard to gather evidence and clues to make anything as proof for the answer on the case they are working on. Some have eyewitnesses, facts that make the case go even more further, files that keep flowing, suspects that may tie into the case, and real evidence of common life issues that support this whole problem.

How a clue is found is from any person, such as a doctor, a scientist, whoever can tell time and order will know the exact location and happening of that clue. If a clue is accurate, then it is saved into a file which will later on go with other clues. Detectives, investigators, and investors are also hardworking and has a very fit job description to listen, hear, see, and figure out what the case is all about. Solving a crime may take even more than a week so most students stay up all night for the whole day.

When they gather information, they investigate all their information which was gathered together into a ball to find the suspect. Next they arrest them to testify in court and see their real answer.

When people graduated, that means they had studies hard and had passed a higher level exam for this job. A detective first started off with being a police trainee. Later they go complete tasks and patrol around the district. Soon they reach to the top and study agencies to pass into a detective level and has a high ability group and skill to learn. To become a great detective, the first training is to complete shooting skills with a gun, physical education, and martial arts sometimes.

They often get less sleep, the next morning they are ready up for dealing with themselves or other suspects. A detective does not have free time and is less seen going home. Their captains or commanders don't give them days off, even if it was a holiday.

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