Easy defintion: A dependect is one person who is later claimed by their own or the group enforcement for betrayal or like a treason.

Error to other PositionsEdit

A dependect is not the same as a defendant. A defendant is someone served to go on a jury who, by the name of the person, claims the other as a person who did not do the right thing. A defendant holds a guilty side or one who doesn't listen to the truth.

Being a PositionEdit

"First to be a group for their own relative side, later betraying your own setup." - Xuang Wen Jo to Feng, a rich and healthy young female adult raised by the head of the Crowns, after betraying her father.

A dependect is not first shown and does not know which side they really belong to. For instance, "Feng's father had selected her to the highest police education school and was passed to be the head of the Higher Extension group years ago. Feng setted up the whole idea with more evil plans from her father to defeat the people for stealing jewels to a tunnel to lock all of it. Born and raised with love and care, Feng did not know her real position.

The end was ruined when all her memories of her father's hatred and horrifying words from her childhood came when Fort, a formal teleporter of the A-9 PTGS Group, explained all the bad happenings that would soon flow over the district or even the city. Feng told her father that she wanted to get some rest and left alone while walking to another door of the tunnel. She had bits of tears that streamed down, but yet no one knows the exact next step. At the very end, she made anonymous situations and started to get crowdful towards her past memories in front of the whole Crowns. At last, her father said "Why are you talking about these now, my daughter?". Unexpectedly, Feng pushed her father down to the floor and raised her gun in front of him." This is how a dependect happens at one point.

A dependect is not a very important position for organizing police trials. A dependect is only reliable when they did one thing and the person who the dependect first encountered with.

(Also known as a "Dependect Victim")

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