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Cheng Jinghao
Name 程静号 Chéng Jìnghào
chéng - journal
jìng - calm
hào - mark
Codename Code
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthdate -- --, 1980
Age 30 years
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brownish black
ID Number 32953
Occupation A-9 Guru (former)
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Cheng Jinghao (程静号), codename "Code", is a former A-9 guru.




When he was a middle school student, he accidentally hacked a computer at school. The school knew about the issue but could not find out who the hacker was, and he swirled his way to arrogance and started to try hacking to high-level security machines. Due to pride, he soon could guess any password codes and break into systems without even hacking or finding the code.

When he attended the police force, he had the police chief's recommendation and government-recognized certificates to allow him to skip from training all the way to A-9 Corporal. After a few years, he quit being a guru officer to establish a new found group.



Xiao Shanming
Main article: Xiao Shanming
At first, Xiao Shanming was skeptical of Cheng Jinghao for his skipping of training right to his class. After working with each other for a few years, Xiao Shanming recognizes him for his abilities and his personality.
Leng Qisuan
Main article: Leng Qisuan
Although Cheng Jinghao may be a tech nerd, he actually likes to exercise and go outdoors. He met Leng Qisuan during high school and would often hang out for athletic meetups. After he graduated from college and left the police force, Cheng Jinghao and Leng Qisuan began a relationship.
Leng Qike
Main article: Leng Qike
Leng Qike is Leng Qisuan's little brother, so Cheng Jinghao treats him as a brother as well. He even made Leng Qike join his group of three.
Shang Xiaoke
Main article: Shang Xiaoke
Shang Xiaoke is a candidate for Cheng Jinghao's group of three.




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