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Detective D-4
Pinyin Zhēntàn D-4
Character 侦探D-4
Other Name Case of Law Enforcement (CLE)
General Information
Type of System Group/Company/Organization
Status Active
Leader Lu Xing Guang (Great Sir)
Members Shan Yi (Reoz)
Lai Shu Gao (Li Dian/Zi Dian)
Jing Yu
Luo Kui Hua (Rimo)
Affiliation GZ System Defense Police Force
Detective Department
Debut C1.1
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Detective D-4 (侦探D-10 Zhēntàn D-10), also known as Case of Law Enforcement, is a detective group that belongs to GZ System Defense Police Force's Detective Department with Lu Xing Guang "Great Sir" as its leader. This group ranks third in the Detective Department.


Despite this group owning a company, the company is actually the original one room office of the Detective D-4 group located in the Detective Department.

The main goal of this group is to increase knowledge and education for detective positions and careers. In order to be a part of this, new members should follow the number one rule of "never give up and fall behind" so that whoever joins should not get out for the made decision. This company also tries to test for the members to trust in themselves.

Interior DesignEdit

In the back wall, there is the D-4 logo stamped. The right wall is the only one with windows. In the left wall, there is a white board where the members can see from their tables for anything new. There are 4 bulletin boards across another wall that shows all kinds of cases they have accomplished.



Name Codename Rank Status
Lu Xing Guang Great Sir Commander Active
Shan Yi Reoz Detective Active
Lai Shu Gao Li Dian/Zi Dian Detective Active
Jing Yu None Detective Active
Luo Kui Hua Rimo Detective Active




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