Episode 28:Real Mission? Or Fake?
Real Mission? Or Fake?
Episode Twenty-eight
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This episode influences the whole point of the story. The last came of course. The police corporal groups and other higher level police groups got the message of sending a mission to their members. But later, it is shown that this could be no mission but real occurrence.

Each group was signed to different directions for the mission. This mission was like a military force.

Knowing that the Military and Forces group from Pro Fei's master had done the first shot of the mission, Jo figures that she, herself, got assigned a hard one. There were new members of course that were commanders only, and separated people who did their own role.

While all groups were readying, Jo gave Colin an arm weapon mode device so she can use all modes. Colin learned about the modes long ago but never used them.

The first battle began at night 9:00 pm. Jo fought hardly at the group of marching armies. She knew them from the start and shoot 50 of them at the front by the very first blow at a distance of 10 feet away. The others had their own plans. Later, she received a message and was sent back to the camping guards area from her own group. There, Sir Jayostako-Mato was reporting the mapping from which the enemy planned. Jo didn't pay attention to the speech but figured out a way from another route.

Trish and Jessica were just one of the runners that were a "separated group of one". They had different maps drawn out of where to go. When Trish was just fighting and fighting everyone on the way of her path, Jessica flew by and grabbed Trish to run with her. Trish was baffled and said Jessica should be fighting the other separated people of one on the enemy side. Jessica giggled and told her that the route lead to Trish's at the middle point and was glad to reunite with Trish again.

To Er Mei had the role of being in charge of a hospital for wounded police officers, detectives, etc. A lot of expert doctors and surgeons went there. Jiang Chen Dong chose to fight instead of healing people, which made Mei argue with him. Zi Shuan was a doctor too so she helped.

Three days have passed, 5 groups have finished their tasks on the police department side. There were in total of 26 groups on the first day, and only one group finished at the start. Now 20 groups are left behind, including Jo's.

On Jo's side, she'd been by herself fighting off of bullets down the ground hiding with others to shoot at the enemies' feet. Jo switched her gear with more bullets and shot more than 5 people with one bullet. When she sees a bullet heading their way, she shoots it and it goes back to the enemy. But at the very moment when Jo needs a little rest for her gun, she had not been aware of that a bullet was coming at General Jing. He was the man that was once the greates shooter in the police force. He came here to help the district and everyone. But he's too old now, nobody could save him without a guard. Obviously, there was a person that was protecting him, but she was weak at shooting.

A lot of people went to huddle around the general, telling him that he can hold it till the end, but he smiled and clarified to everyone that they should save one other. He was not afraid of dying, he thought that the world he was born in no mattered to him anymore, just the caring people and the ones that exist on earth. Jo did not cry at the scene, but was so focused onto shooting at the enemy who blew the bullet at General Jing.

On the other side, Lai Li Dian stood behind a tree, wearing his black uniform so nobody would notice him in the forest woods. The enemies were invading through the forest, and he's porting everyone in his group that he is fine being himself for dealing with the area he is standing at with a shoulder pack walkie talkie. When he spots an enemy walking just a little far away from him, he hops up to the tree brances and began to use his aiming target from his gun.

It was not long enough after the enemy flew planes above the people. Jo noticed that there was no other way to stop, other than flying up.

On the other side, Kwong Colin was beginning to use her arm weapon modes. She saw Jo used the safe mode and the barrier mode after it for saving some damage around the people she was with. Colin flew up to a plane nearby and grabbed the handle of the helicopter's top. The wind was blowing too hard which was the excellent move for her to jump to the back of the wings and cut through the spinning tail. She cutted it with her fiery power, and she threw a rope and tied it around the tail so she could land like a parachute. The plane flew down and was going to explode to the ground. Colin jumped down from the tail first before the plan hit and used the safe mode and barrier mode in her area.

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