Episode 21 (Part 2): Running a Battle

Running a Battle
Episode Twenty-one
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Running a Battle is set to a triathlon for people to compete in. It was only for those people who were the most top on every Hall of Fames.

This triathlon is seperated into biking, swimming, and running (which involves also skating if anybody can participate). This triathlon sets up the Olympic times for the event. The whole field is big and is covered with crowds on the outside of the contest, and where the participants go over the land to complete their part.

Running a Battle
Statistic Information
Host Location Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Date N/A
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Events Running, Biking, Swimming, Skating
Opening/Closing N/A
Judge N/A

Running was very difficult because the time was fast for the amount of time the swimmers used up. Running's mile time was to compete into 15 minutes. The overall standard of the field is to run 1-5 km.

While swimming had a 20 minute for the participants, their overall standard to swim is to reach to 100-800 meters. And for biking (or cycling), it is to race in more than the standard circle of the running field. Instead, it was over more than that. Biking's minute of time is to get their in 16 minutes:30 seconds. The whole circle of their race part is 5-15 km long. And for a little add up, skating is faster too. It was to get their in 15 minutes. The whole rink is 3-10 km long.

Skating had a same amount as the running just a little bit off. It was cut off into a short 100-500 meters. It didn't matter the time at first, but the judges changed the time of competition when there were participants that want to join it. The judge set the time goal to 15 minutes.

Jo was a runner. Colin joined the biking team. And there were much others that joined over the triathlon contest.

Running Swimming Cycling Skating
1-5 km 100-800 m 3-10 km 100-500 m
15 minutes 20 minutes 16 min 30 secs 15 minutes
1000+ runners 1066 swimmers 953 cyclists 89 skaters

"A very bright day for a very bright event!" announced the judge when all the participants were there.

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