Episode 1: Mystic Arrival / Strategy Learning

Mystic Arrival / Strategy Learning
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It first introduces the learning being complete by Xuang Wen Jo and her second master. They had master and apprentice talks and then this kind of flashback just faded. That was actually a continuance of what happened or mentioned in the prologue.

Later, which had no attachment to what's happening, a girl stopped walking in a rainy street on a sidewalk. It didn't show her whole appearance until it was done with that unexpected appearance, whiile all the time it had just showed her shoes. She had picked up a mitten but there was no idea of why.

Next Xuang Wen Jo continues her job to raise up her police level back. They were at lunch and mystic arrivals soon arise. First a conflict, then being out of the group which everybody doesn't remember, and more.. about stories with her friends, and finally solving the case of this episode.

New CharactersEdit


  • This is the first episode that most of the characters are mentioned and actioned.
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